Faster DSL on the summit

There is good news for users of AT&T DSL in the Serene Lakes and surrounding areas who have been struggling with the basic DSL speeds of 784 kiolbits/sec. Over the last couple of months AT&T has been upgrading its equipment and their DSL pro service is now available. The speed for pro service is 1.5-3.0 megabits/sec. Actual speed depends on how far your home is from the DSL source.

We upgraded our service this week and I can report that we are getting 2.5 megabits/sec download and 480 kilobits/sec upload speeds. We can actually watch a YouTube video without it stopping every few seconds. Even better is that we can watch Netflix videos online. It is so nice to join the real online world.

The cost of the new service depends upon your status with AT&T. New customers can get it for less than $20/month for the first year. Existing customers have to pay $35/month. Don’t you just love AT&T. If you ask to talk to the retention department they can give a promotional price to existing users. We got the upgrade for $17/month for the first six months.

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