A new trail for all footpath lovers

As readers of this blog know, there has been a lot of discussion on this site concerning the trail system that Truckee Donner Land Trust (TDLT) is developing on the Royal Gorge open space. There have been claims put forward in the discussion that TDLT plans to construct 25 ft wide trails out on the property at the expense of single track “footpaths”. This mistaken claim is undoubtedly due to the confusion with the existing ski trails being utilized in the TDLT plan which are 25 ft wide to accommodate groomers and skiers.

This week one of the first “new” trails has been constructed out on the property by the TDLT trail team (see trail map below).

Click on map for larger version

It is a connector trail on the west side of the property between the Reindeer and Castle Pass ski trails. I would encourage anyone that wants to see what the new properly designed and constructed trails will look like to take a walk out there. The trail is a beautiful single track footpath that meanders through the forest with a well constructed natural tread and proper grading that makes for easy and scenic walking. I think this trail should allay any misapprehensions about what type of new trails TDLT will construct.

Kudos to Kevin Starr and John Svahn for their good work.

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