The summit valley has been labeled as the most historic square mile in the American west so it is not surprising that there is a wealth of historical information available about the valley. Van Norden Lake has been around for over a century, dating back to almost the time when the first pioneers came through the area. The information offered here concentrates on the history of the lake and the dam that formed it and also the natural history of the area that has led to the current environment of the valley. The sources of information are primarily from public records and studies from various sources as well as articles that have been prepared from the authors personal research and exploration of the valley and lake. The information presented here is meant to allow you to learn about the valley and lake so that you can make an informed decision about its ultimate disposition.

It is not our intention to reinvent the wheel here. Much of the information is readily available online. The links described below will point you to authoritative references that cover the Summit Valley and Lake Van Norden.



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