Van Norden Meadow land swap completed

As many of you probably know part of the acquisition of the Royal Gorge Properties by Truckee Donner Land Trust (TDLT) hinged on a land swap deal with Sugar Bowl. A large portion of the Van Norden Meadow was owned by Sugar Bowl and as part of the acquistion TDLT acquired the 5 acre parcel that Royal Gorge Summit Station sits on. When Sugar Bowl took over the management of Royal Gorge cross country resort, it only made sense that they would like to own the Summit Station parcel and of course TDLT wanted to acquire the Sugar Bowl owned meadow parcel to complete their acquisition of the entire meadow. Well that land swap deal has finally been completed.

The resulting reconfiguration of the land parcels in the meadow is shown here along with the previous configuration. TDLT plans to sell its meadow parcels to the US Forest Service in the next year or two.

Before the Swap

After the Swap

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