2016 Schedule for Donner Summit hikes

slpoahikingcollage2016The schedule for the 2016 summer hikes in conjunction with SLPOA is now available. These hikes are led by George Lamson and Linda Cashion with their three golden retrievers, Calla, Maggie and Lily. The hikes are spread around the Donner Summit area and are designed to explore the summer wonders of the Summit. This year we will be trekking up to the highest source of the South Yuba River located near Roller Pass along the Pacific Crest. We will also be hiking some of our favorite trails that offer spectacular views of the Donner Summit area.

Everyone is invited to join these hikes. Some are more strenuous than others so you pick that one that piques your interest and suits your ability. Besides the exhilaration of getting out in the forest these hikes are meant to be a source of information about all things Donner Summit. Hope to see you out there.

For the detailed schedule please click here.

GL LC Maggie Calla Lily with hiking group on Rowton Peak 6-14-14

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