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On the Summit is a site about the Donner Summit area in the northern Sierra-Nevada mountains of California. It is an area of majestic mountains strewn with glacially formed lakes and alpine meadows. There is also a rich human history of migration, environmental struggles, and settlement in the region. In modern times it is the natural beauty of the area and outdoor recreation opportunities that attracts human activity to the area.

Extreme is a word that accurately describes the summit area. It was geological extremes over eons that formed the stark mountainous area that exists today. It is, however, the extremes in the weather and climate that most dramatically affect the area.  Warm sunny California summers give way to arctic blasts of winter that drop some of the heaviest snowfall amounts in the United States. Winter on the summit, which stretches from December to April, is all about the snow. The results of these natural extremes means that winter or summer, there are plenty of  activities to enjoy in the summit area.

The focus of this site is to provide information that will help everyone to enjoy living and playing On the Summit and the surrounding areas. In addition to the repository of recreational guides that are designed to inform and facilitate the many activities available, there is also a Blog that will discuss ongoing and timely information about the area. Please use the site to help you get started and then get out there, On the Summit!

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