Down the hill

Truckee River bike trail

The sunny weather is here and the thaw is on at the summit. However, we have so much snow up here that it’s going to be very white for a few more weeks. So what’s a person to do with the ski resorts closed, but the lakes frozen and the trails on the summit covered with snow. The answer is easy – head down the hill where spring is in full bloom. Fortunately, it is a short trip down I80 or Old 40 to the relatively snow free flat lands in Truckee and the surrounding areas.

Here are some activities you might want to try for the next few weeks until the snow is gone on the summit:

  • For road cycling enthusiasts there are many opportunities starting up here on the summit and stretching in every direction out of Truckee and Tahoe-Donner, and if you want to go a little further, Lake Tahoe. It can be a little chilly in the mornings and evenings and also a little breezy, so dress accordingly.
  • For all you hikers whose feet are itching, there are many trails in the Tahoe forest area in the Prosser watershed that are becoming walkable. A great hike that should be clear in the next week or two is the trail along Sagehen Creek. This is a great early season hike especially for wildflower lovers. This hike may be a bit muddy until June, especially this year.
  • The Prosser OHV area is still open for snow mobilers but in the next few weeks it should be transitioning to dirt riding. This is a large area that has trails that afford spectacular views of the Independence Lake area and the mountains surrounding it. If you do take the dirt bikes and/or ATVs over there in the next couple of weeks, be ready to get muddy.

    Sagehen Meadow

  • All the lakes down the hill, Donner, Prosser, Stampede and Boca, are clear of ice and snow for boaters, canoers and kayakers. However, the winds can be strong and of course the water is very very cold.
  • If you do go over to the Boca/Stampede reservoir area make sure to stop by the Town of Boca historic site and take the short interpretive walk. The trail has interpretive stations along the paved trail that describe the once thriving lumber town of Boca. There are many artifacts littering the area and a pioneer graveyard at the top of the hill.

And don’t forget the Amgen Tour of California starts next Sunday!




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