The Summit in 360 degrees

One of the advantages of publishing a blog like this for a serious photographer like myself is I get to feature my work on these pages. The summit is a landscape photographer’s dream and I never get tired of photographing it. If you haven’t already noticed, one of my favorite types of photos is the ” panoramic” format such as the one that serves as the masthead of this site. Getting just a little technical here, these types of photos are created by shooting multiple overlapping shots as the camera is panned on a tripod and then putting the shots together with special software to create a single image. This allows the photographer to capture the full width of a landscape without using an ultra wide lens that usually distorts the perspective. This technique can be extended by panning the camera in a full circle to include a 360° view from a specific location. Over the years I have created 360° views from many places in the summit area. In this post I would like to share some of these views. The map below shows the location of each of the 360° views and clicking on the camera icon will bring up a viewer page of the 360° image. Please enjoy this visual tour of the summit area.

(If you are interested in seeing 360° images from other places you might want to check out my Panomania 360 page)

Mt Lola 360 Donner Summit from Soda Springs ski hill


1. Donner Summit area from Soda Springs ski hill.
2. Donner Summit area from Crow’s Nest.
3. Donner Pass from George L. Stewart peak
4. View from Frog Lake overlook
5. Van Norden meadow
6. Lake Dulzura at Serene Lakes
7. Snowy Lake Dulzura at Serene Lakes
8. Snowy Lake Serena at Serene Lakes
9. View from Mt Lola

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2 Responses to The Summit in 360 degrees

  1. David Galson says:

    George – these are great!!!!! How did you produce the panos?


  2. Jim Kaspari says:

    Wow, what a great site and photography. David Galson and I both live on the summit and are ski patrollers at Royal Gorge and Sugar Bowl … hope to see you on the slopes or around serene lakes … keep up the great work!

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