Picture of the Week 6/9/13

Summer has come early to the summit this year and it’s time to get out and hike. This week we took our first hike around Van Norden Meadow.

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  1. Peter Wiley says:

    Thanks for sharing. Just talking to Mike Overhauser about the old Indian grinding rocks. I guess I’ve seen them but never put 2 and 2 together.
    I see water still coming over the spillway. Now that the smoke has cleared and the area is in the safe hands of a land trust I guess I can truthfully say Van Norden was more beautiful when it was dammed. You won’t often hear me make a comment such as this but in the case of Van Norden it’s true.
    Looks like the possibility of that happening again is unlikely.
    Mike O. says that the dam was disabled because of a possible suit from Beacon Hill Lodge. Beacon Hill felt that in the event of an earthquake the dam could fail and take out Soda Springs.
    Then Beacon Hill Lodge burned to the ground. It was a wild and wooly place around here in the 60’s 70’s. Lots of drinking establishments and not a lot of law enforcement.

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